Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder

Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder

What is Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder?

Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder is a product obtained by removing moisture from fresh carrots, resulting in a concentrated form that retains flavor and nutrients. This preservation method enhances shelf life and versatility.

Benefits of Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder

How to use Dehydrated Carrot Flakes/Powder


Typically, 12-24 months if stored in a cool, dry place.

    • No, our dehydrated carrot flakes/powder contains no added preservatives.

Yes, adjust quantities based on personal taste preferences.

It depends on the recipe; however, rehydration enhances texture.

Absolutely, it can be mixed into doughs or batters.

Yes, it’s often suitable for various diets.

Dehydrated carrot products enhance and retain the vibrant orange color.

While possible, rehydration is recommended for optimal taste.

Dehydrated carrots retain essential vitamins and minerals.

Yes, we prioritize sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.